Relationship Finder

Find out the relation between you and your friends.

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What is Relation Finder?

Relation finder is a fun game that helps you find out what relationship you have with your friends or any other person.

This game lets you find out what relation you have with that person, some common results you can get are:

  • Friends
  • Best Friends
  • Great Friends
  • BFFs
  • Lovers
  • Couple
  • Partners
  • Life Partners
  • Best Couple
  • Boyfriend or Girlfriend
  • Love Birds
  • Good Friends
  • Cool Friends

How to Use Relation Finder?

Using this game is a piece of cake it is just like 1-2-3 and done, all you have to do is follow these given steps:

  1. Enter your name
  2. Enter Your Friend Name
  3. Selecting your age is optional
  4. Click on Continue Button
  5. And just like that, You are done.

This game is just for entertainment purposes only.

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